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Whether the 'Diamond Rio', or Sao Han's 1997-launched 'MPMan', was the first mp3 player, the fact remains that mp3 players have turned the portable music industry on its head with the amazing small size and storage capacity of their files. From a mere 32 Megabytes in storage capacity when first introduced, to the 160 gigabytes offered by top mp3 players today, mp3 technology has indeed revolutionized the way we record, store and listen to music.

Deciding on an MP3 Player is Hard
Given the large variety of the latest mp3 players, brands and models in the marketplace, deciding on one can be a difficult task. What further hampers the buyer's decision-making process is the availability of exciting, colored mp3 players, and the multiple, technologically advanced features and benefits demonstrated by each model. However, despite size, color, features, benefits and price considerations, the highly competitive mp3 marketplace does have its rewards, as there are several ways to find an inexpensive mp3 player to suit your budget, and enjoy hours of listening pleasure.

Finding an MP3 Player is Easy
If you are looking for an inexpensive mp3 player, but not sure how to go about it, a good way to start is to take a good look at mp3 player best player reviews online. You will find that most of the online reviews offer mp3 player information on the current best mp3 players, as well as comparison charts that could help shape your decision.

Here's a brief overview of 3 of the latest mp3 players. However, if you spend a little time, you'll find a wide range of other top mp3 players online which you can select from:

Apple iPod nano 8 GB (4th Generation)
The iPod nano marches ahead with stunning, new features, an exclusively new curved design and 8 exciting colors to choose from. You'll thoroughly appreciate the in-built 'Genius Playlist' feature that can zero in on favorite songs in your music library and create a playlist for you. Check the amazing new 'Accelerometer' that shuffles to different songs in your library with just a shake of your iPod nano. What's more, watch your favorite TV shows, video and movies on its sharp 2-inch screen. With 8 and 16 GB models, the iPod nano can store up to 2000 songs, 8 hours of video, and 7000 photos, all wrapped up in a great new design. And that's a whole lot that fits into your pocket.

iRiver T10 1 GB
With its amazingly miniature size, you won't 'feel' the iRiver T10 in your pocket but you'll surely 'hear' it loud and clear. iRiver's T10 has a unique sporty design and delivers mind-blowing audio quality. Now, the T10 helps you access millions of songs instantly and affordably as it links compatibly with a Mac computer and Windows PC to download and transfer music files. With 1GB flash memory that permits uninterrupted music listening pleasure; a 45 hour single AA battery life, an integrated sports clip, voice recorder and built-in FM tuner, the new T10 is indeed not just an ordinary, everyday inexpensive mp3 player, it's a brand new lifestyle!

Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB
With its extremely tiny shirt pocket, jacket or jean fitting-size, the Zen Stone Plus could easily deceive you, but this tiny little 2 GB mp3 player packs a lot of punch. The Zen Stone Plus is one of the best mp3 players that offers the kind of technologically-advanced features you are looking for, and apart from its pocket fitting-size, it will also fit your budget. It features a built-in, 32-station FM radio, stopwatch, countdown timer and clock, and is available in an attractive white colored body.

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Cool Top MP3 Players

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This article was published on 2010/03/28